• To enable students to analyze the question and frame the answer accordingly.
  • To Recognize and develop professional format in the expansion of learning, knowledge and writing skills.
  • To understand how to apply technical information and knowledge in practical documents for a variety of questions.
  • To participate actively in presentational activities (individually and in collaboration) that model effective technical communication in classroom activity.

Rules of Activity:

  1. Compulsory participation for every student.
  2. Each student is provided with 5 minutes of time.
  3. Framing the answer according to the standard scheme of evaluation.


Students actively involved in presentational activity and they have learnt how to frame answers in technical papers for various types of questions. This activity provided the unique qualities of technical writing style, including sentence conciseness, readability, clarity, accuracy, honesty, avoiding wordiness or ambiguity, objectivity, unbiased analyzing and summarizing.

The answers which reached the standard requirements were appreciated by the faculty and suggestions were given to students based on their performance in regards to the standard scheme of evaluation.