With an objective to create awareness regarding  “Drunk Driving Preventions” and “Countering cyber crime & cyber terrorism” Youth Red Cross wing of the college organized a guest talk for the first year Students on 28/09/2018. The guest speakers were Mr. Mr. Santhosh Kumar T, Traffic Inspector, Shimoga and Mr. Shamanth S, Asst. Professor, PESITM, Shimoga.

The session was started at 10:30 am, invocation song followed by welcome address, Ms. Arshu, YRC Volunteer was introduced and welcomed the guest speakers, Principal, HoD and YRC coordinator. The session was started with.

Mr. Santhosh Kumar T- Sub Inspector, Traffic Police Station, Shivamogga addressed the students stating that Road safety education plays a vital role in shaping the attitude and behavior of children, thereby ensuring that they become a responsible driver, passenger, pedestrian, and cyclist.  He explained the value of following traffic signals to avoid the occurrence of accidents. He also conveyed the importance of wearing helmet and seat belt. The students made a vow that they would follow the safety rules and create awareness among everyone they come across. They also promised to serve the nation with utmost loyalty and truthfulness.

Mr. Shamanth G S, Assistant Professor, PESITM, Shivamogga, spoke on the topic ‘Cyber Crime’. He explained ‘what is cyber-crime and how it is defined and noted that with the advancement in technology and number of mobile users increasing, the number of crimes have also increased. Mentioning that people from all the segments of the society have been victims of fraud in one or the other manner, he then screened a video to explain the complexity of cyber-crime and challenges faced.

Sharing facts and figures related to cyber-crime, Mr. Shamanth mentioned that one cyber-crime is reported in every 12 minutes in our country, and nearly 51,000 cyber security attacks were observed in the country in the year 2016. Talking specifically about Indore, Mr. Singh noted that majority of the complaints were related to card frauds; followed by complaints regarding fake ID, and the rest related to job frauds and matrimonial site frauds and email hacking.