An invited Talk by Mr. Manual K, Software Architect, L&T, Europe

//An invited Talk by Mr. Manual K, Software Architect, L&T, Europe

The Software Architect, L&T, Europe division, Mr. Manual K, gave an invited talk on ‘Architecting software IT solutions for global roll out’ to the students of computer science and information science & engineering, PESITM, Shivamogga on 09-04-2018. Mr. Manual is currently working at Stockhome, Sweden and is involved in various banking and manufacturing solutions. He emphasised that, hard work, honesty and passion to do anything is the key for success.
In his 2 hours talk, he shared his experience about being a software engineer at Infosys, Mysore division towards being a software architect at L&T right now. He explained the key skills, a software engineer should have before entering into industry. He assured the students of CSE, and ISE to get a job in Software Company, even though they are not good in programming. For that a student need to work hard and come out with a flying colour in their academics.
Mr. Manual, highlighted the importance of doing certification in various courses. He said, we need to EARN those certificates rather BUY them. He also explained various stages of software engineering life cycle. He said though every stage is important, re-usability of software should be encouraged more, if the software is already available. This would reduce the unnecessary software development, hence leading to green computing. Re-usability is a stage in software life cycle.
Two hours of talk delivered by Mr. Manual, gave a lot of insight to the students of CSE and ISE. They were educated about becoming a better software engineer for the betterment of the society. Dr. S N Jagadeesh, Head of CSE, felicitated Mr. Manual behalf of students, administration and management of PESITM. Mr. Prasanna Kumar, Head of ISE, PESITM, was also present in the session.

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