EEE students attended Workshop on Solar Photovoltaics and Micro-Grid

//EEE students attended Workshop on Solar Photovoltaics and Micro-Grid

Divecha Center for Climate Change at Indian Institute of Science and FluxGen Engineering Technologies together organized one day workshop in effective planning, designing and deploying a solar photovoltaic based micro-grid system. The workshop was designed in such a way that we go first hand training in solar photovoltaic systems using demo systems installed at the venue and later in installing micro-grid systems using solar PV energy systems. The workshop laid the foundation to those who wishes to work on off-grid electrification and rural electrification as part of our final year engineering project and also for those who wishes to be entrepreneurs in renewable energy based smart grid and micro-grids. On completion of the course we received participation certificate.

The workshop was held on 1st February 2016. 24 Students from EEE, PESITM have participated. Keynote was given by Prof. V VShrinivasan and he stressed importance of Clean Development Mechanism and Solar Photovoltaic Micro-Grid. There were two sessions undertaken by FluxGen. First session started after the keynote which was about detailed data on Solar PV cells and Micro-Grid, Components used in PV system and analyzing the SPV sizing and other required equipments. This session was between 10am to 1pm under the guidance of Mr.Ganesh Shankar, co-founder of FluxGen Technologies.

The other session was getting to know better implementation of AC/DC modes,Off-Grid/Grid Tie Systems and Standalone/Micro-Grid configuration. The demo on operation of micro-grid and essential role of smart meters was shown during these sessions. Economic analysis of Micro-Grid systems for rural and urban scenarios was done. Second session was held between 2pm to 4pm by the Chief Engineer of FluxGen Technologies, Mr. Kaustubh Karnataki.

In total, the workshop influenced the significance and greater view of application of future source of energy i.e., Solar.

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