Two day Workshop on FireBird-V Robot

//Two day Workshop on FireBird-V Robot

The workshop addresses what are components used to design this robot for the students. The workshop combines insightful lectures with exercises to reinforce key concepts of robotics and embedded systems programming. Participants will learn embedded C programming and pin details of ATMEGA2560 microcontroller

On the first day of the workshop, they will learn hardware details of Firebird-V robot and some exercised problems on AVR microcontroller. On second day they will be trained on embedded C programming and hands on will be done, 65 students from CSE, ECE and ME departments attended the workshop and were benefitted from the knowledge shared in the workshop.

Resource Persons
Mr. Hanumanthappa Magalada Asst Prof, ECE Dept., PESITM
Mr. SunilKumar H. R. Asst. Prof., CSE Dept., PESITM
Mr. Ganesh U. L. Asst. Prof., ME Dept., PESITM

– Program was held for 2 days from 28th to 29th August- 2015

Workshop Co-Ordinators
Mr. Hanumanthappa Magalada
Mr. SunilKumar H. R.
Mr. Ganesh U. L.

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