The aim of Diploma Course in Computer Science and Engineering at PES Polytechnic, Shivamogga is to strive for excellence in creating, applying and imparting knowledge in computer science and engineering. This exhaustive course has been designed to meet the demands of the current trend of an IT Industry.

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Mrs.Vanitha D. HOD
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Department of CSE started the forum on 5th September 2014 and the credit goes to Miss Rumana Khanum Afridi for the choice of the name of the forum that is “TECHBEES” Catch the World. It is a platform that provides information on technical events, analysis and outcomes. Vision of this forum is preparing a base where there is an enhanced interaction among students & teachers to streamline technical knowledge for career growth. The baseline in achieving this is routed through organizing various interesting events and workshops.

This initiative was taken under the guidance of Prof.M H Chandrappa , principal, PESPT and with support of Miss Shilpa P. G. HOD, PESPT. Miss.Rumana Khanum Afridi has taking initial responsibilities of the forum activities and student. Final years are working as student coordinators and are conducting many activities under the forum.

Journey of TECHBEES started with the following activities – technical quiz, pick and speak, technical seminar which was well acknowledged and it is a welcome activity every year ahead of us.

Objectives of TECHBEES:

a) Grow interaction between teachers & students.
b) Team spirit.
d) Different way to learn new things which involves far more interesting methods over traditional classroom teaching methods.
e) Develop leadership.
f) Enhance communication skills.
g) Transforming knowledge into wisdom.

Activities of the Techbees:

In order to make TECHBEES forum a successful one we have outlined certain activities which will help TECHBEES meet its goal. The following activities are being conducting this year.

i) Technical quiz: Its a very good approach to build competitive awareness.
ii) Technical talks by experts: Experts from different technical fields will be made available in order to share their knowledge in respective domains. Its proven that people who learn from other’s experience avoid failures.
iii) IT visits: Once in a while trips will be conducted to various companies in order to give a real feel of real world after college life and get prepared for professional life in advance.
iv) Error debugging: Perfect platform to enhance core programming and technical skills.
v) Technical seminars: To develop soft skills and create good speakers in addition to sharing knowledge for the welfare of students community.
vi) Debate: Group discussions plays an important role in today’s world. We need to be good speakers but good listeners as well. Here students can benefit by discussing and sharing new ideas.
vii) Technical Mad ads: A very different approach to convey bookish information in general common language which helps students to illustrate and link knowledge with real world examples. Human brain stores more information based on what we see than what we read. talents, improve their technical skills along with communication skills and also for their personnel development since they are the emerging colors of the institution.

Students of CSE department are very enthusiastic and very sure the activities under Techbees will get integrated each coming year.

Parents Meet:
Parents meeting was conducted on 11th October 2014 at PESPT seminar hall addressed by Prof. M. H. Chandrappa, Principal PESPT and discussed about the progress of the first year students with their parents.

Mrs.Vanitha D.
HOD, Computer Science and Engineering
PES Polytechnic
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