A Guest talk was organized at MBA Department, Seminar Hall on 16.04.2015 on the topic “Equity Investment” by Mr. Giridhar, Branch Manager, and Mr.Sumith, Area Manager of M/s.Kotak Mahindra Bank.

The guest talk was on the scope and functioning of Equity investment and importance of online trading. Mr. Giridhar emphasized the importance of Equity investments and how it different from savings. He also explained the various reasons for investment in equity rather than just savings.

He later spoke about difference between online and off line trading and opening of trading accounts with stock broking companies.

Later the session was on experiment of importance of concentration of mind and selling activities where some of the students have participated learnt some skills on selling and concentration.
Speaker gave the brief information about the investment planning and gave Web address to know much information about the above concepts. He discussed the career options in private equity. The above guest talk helps students to inculcate the basic knowledge about the financial market.

The programme was welcomed and given vote of thanks by Ms. Momin Taj, IV Sem MBA Student, All the faculty members of PGDM&RC attended the programme.