A guest lecture on the topic ‘Flipped Classroom and Learning’ was delivered on 08-02-2019 at PESIAMS by Mr. Arvind Mallik, Asst. Professor, Dept of MBA, PESITM. Mr. Arvind Mallik, who has received many honors and awards including international ones, inspired the students with his innovative teaching methods adopted in classrooms. He urged the students to use latest available technologies and social networking applications towards learning the curriculum.

Mr. Arvind Mallik presented the concept of ‘flipped classrooms’ – a interactive teaching model in which students learn content online by watching videos and pre-recorded lectures, and do their homework and other project discussions when they’re in class. He explained that the interaction between a teacher and his or her students is more personalized under this methodology, and it brings in more engagement for the students with greater guidance from the teachers, instead of typical classroom lectures. Mr.Arvind also emphasized on use of social networking apps such as facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube twitter to be used as learning tool. He also opined that no technology can be an alternative for face-to-face interaction.