A Programme on Women Entrepreneurs organised by SWEDHA, an association for women entrepreneurs was held on 24/6/2019 at 10.00am at Mathura Paradise, Shimoga. Girls students of many colleges in Shimoga took part in the programme.

The programme commenced by the arrival of Chief Guest Mr. Anand Murthy Deputy Director of MSMEs, Indian Institute of Science, President of SWEDHA Association Smt. B V Lakshmidevi Gopinath and other dignitaries. The Welcome speech and Anchoring was done by Organisers of SWEDHA Women Entrepreneurs Association. There was a colourful welcome followed by lighting of the lamp which was accompanied by a melodious Saraswathi Vandana. Before beginning the programme the students and women entrepreneurs present in the programme were asked to express their queries about the programme. Then the welcome speech was given by Smt. Shilpa K. Gopinath, secretary of SWEDHA. The Dignitaries were given floral welcome and the programme began. The Purpose of the programme was to encourage young girl students to realise their potential and become entrepreneurs and create awareness among women entrepreneurs about the provisions given by the Government for their businesses.

The presidential speech was given by Mr. Anand Murthy who motivated and guided the audience with his inspirational words. Being a Government Servant, he explained about the latest information and Schemes and financial assistance provided by the government to the young entreprenuers. It was followed by a formal vote of thanks.

Then the programme was addressed by Mr. Veeresh Naik giving useful and valuable information related to st eps involved in the registration process for becoming an entrepreneur, documentation required etc. He was followed by Mr. Anand Murthy who delivered a wonderful speech with valued information needed by young entrepreneurs;  he made an attempt to answer all the queries of the audience effecively and in a sincere manner. The information was loaded with wide variety of opportunities and financial assistance provided by Government to encourage women entreprenuers. He also explained how the government is granting non refundable loans upto a specified limit based on investment patterns. He introduced the audience about various websites where the entreprenuers can make online registration freely to become an entreprenuer. The websites are www.DCMSMEs.gov.in, Udyog Aadhar Memorandum, Design Clinic where Business incubation Scheme are available in which ideas of young entreprenuers can be executed with proper guidance and assisstance. A loan upto Rs. 6.2 lakhs to women and upto Rs. 1.5lakhs to students are available.

The programme concluded with a photo session and snacks was arranged by the organisers. Our students actively participated in the programme and they also gained abundant knowledge about the various schemes and support provided by government and they enthusiastically raised many questions and clarified their doubts and they thoroughly enjoyed the programme.