Training & Placement 

 Training & Placement Committee



Name Designation
1. Dr. K. Sailatha, Principal Chairperson
2. Dr. Prasanna Kumar T M, Head | CDC | PES Trust ® Member Secretary
3. Mrs. Aruna A, Manager | CDC | PES Trust ® Member
4. Mr. Mohan D, Assistant Professor & Placement Coordinator, Dept. of Commerce & Management Member
5. Mr. Anmol U. K, Assistant Professor & Placement Coordinator Dept. of Computer Science Member
6. Dr. G.M. Sudharshan, HOD | Dept. of Commerce & Management Member
7. Mrs. Roopa D.S, HOD | Dept. of Dept. of Computer Science Member
8 Dr. Dileep Kumar S D, Coordinator, PG Dept. of Commerce Member
8. Ms. Samantha, Student Representative | M.Com Member
9. Mr. Mohammad Masood, Student Representative | B.Com Member
10. Mr. Pratheek, Student Representative | BBA Member
11. Mr. Swamy, Student Representative |BCA Member

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To review the Training & Placement Performance of every outgoing batch of Graduates.
  • To understand the Industry Specific Skills and being aware of trending technologies with respect to every specialization.
  • To analyze the academic performance of students and orient students about eligibility criteria of Companies.
  • To ensure maximum student participation in all Training & development initiatives.
  • To facilitate Internships, Guest talks, Industry Specific Workshops, Academic Projects, Industry initiatives and campus recruitment drives. To maintain connectivity with all the campus recruited students for mentoring and training programs.

Placement Regulations

  • Students seeking placement assistance from the college placement cell are compulsorily required to participate in all the training programs organized from the cell.
  • Students who are eligible & interested to participate in a selection process should register their names in the placement office as soon as it is notified. Students who have not registered their names will not be allowed to participate in such selection process.
  • If a student who is not having requisite eligibility criteria is found attending a selection process, he/she will be blacklisted and the college placement cell will not provide any subsequent placement opportunities for such students.
  • Eligible students should be able to participate in the selection process on a short notice with all necessary documents.
  • Students who have registered for selection process and fail to appear for the same will be blacklisted and further placement opportunities will not be provided. However, this may be relaxed to those students who fail to appear in a selection process on medical grounds or due to any other genuine reasons and give sufficient explanation for the same.
  • All eligible students will be given placement opportunities and if a student is selected in any company, he/she will not be able to appear for any other selection process except in the following cases
  • If the company insists to include all the students (both selected and non-selected ones) in their selection process – Dream Option.
  • If the company fails to induct the selected students / or does not guarantee employment for the selected ones due to some internal problems.
  • In some extreme genuine cases, as felt necessary by the college placement cell.
  • If a student is selected with a clause of fulfilling certain criteria before he/she completes the degree and if the student fails to meet these criteria, resulting in withdrawal of offer from the company, then the placement cell will not provide any other opportunities to such students (This will be considered as negligence of students and hence such regulation).
  • No student should directly communicate with Company Executives bypassing Placement Officer.
  • Students participating in selection process should be dressed formally. Students coming in casuals will not be allowed to appear in any of the selection process.
  • Students participating in off-campus selection process should behave like true ambassadors of the college and if any of them is found to misbehave will be strictly dealt.