“Youth are not useless, but used less”, opined Dr. K. Nagaraj, Principal of Sri Aurobindo Pre-University (Ind) College, Javahalli, Shivamogga, while inaugurating the one day PU Fest Prerana Jnana Sangrama-2019 [...]

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National conference 2019 on “Higher Education in India: Challenges and Opportunities”

“UNIVERSITIES TO BE SOCIETY ORIENTED”, Dr. Veerabhadrappa B.P, Vice Chancellor, Kuvempu University  “Vedas, Upanishads and Gurukula system play a vital role in Higher education”, stated Dr. Veerabhadrappa B.P, Vice Chancellor, [...]

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Teachers Day 2K19

A great scholar Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan's birthday was celebrated on 5th Sep 2019 as teachers day at PESIAMS.

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Inauguration of forum (Aarambham 2K-19)

All the forums has been Inaugurated on 24/08/2019 at PESPS Amphi-theater.

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Graduation Day 2019

The Campus of PESIAMS witnessed the success of graduates on its graduation day Dr. Sadagopan, director JJJI Banglore and Dr. Anant R koppar, Founder CEO and Director of KTWO Technologies [...]

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A College day ABHIKYANA- 2019 has been celebarated at PESIAMS on 10-04-2019.

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Ms. Rakshitha N S 2nd Sem M.Com have participated in International Bharatha Natyam Dance Event held at Bankok Tailand, and won first place the management principal and staff congratulate the young achiever,

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Learning Soft skills the need of the hour for students Getting equipped with soft skills along with good academic record is the need of the hour in today’s competitive job [...]

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Prerana Jnana Sangram-2K18

PES Institute of Advanced Management Studies Degree College, Sagar road, Shivamogga, has organized a unique combination of Commerce, Management, Tech and Cultural One Day Intercollegiate PU Fest in and around [...]

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Inauguration of Prerana Convention Hall

It is the paramount duty of the youth of today to get themselves quality education and develop a positive attitude in order to build a stronger India, said  His Excellency, [...]

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