Date of Activity: 30/12/2019                              

Class: IVSemesterB.C.A                                               

Lecturer Name: Mr. Mithun D’Souza


  • To create an awarenessof Graphics and Animation in Multimedia Projects.
  • To implement innovative ideas and Integrate the concepts, principles and theories involved in creation of animation project.
  • To use critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in all dimensions of development and production.
  • To Communicate ideas, believable action and emotion effectively by employing principles of animation and performance in all aspects of drawing.
  • To Generate work that reflects initiative, creativity, adaptability and personal style.

Rule of this Activity:

  1. Each group should not exceed the number 4 members.
  2. Each group is provided with60 minutes of time to create their animation model.
  3. Students are suggested to use pencil sketches and coloring tools for more effectiveness.
  4. The selected animation idea should implement the various aspects ofanimation. Such asDesign layouts, perspective and color, speed, accuracy and dexterity.


Students actively participated in this event and shown enthusiasm in creating new modules of basic animation tools.This activity motivated students to learn about team building, team performance, time management, creative and design thinking.Students demonstrated the ability to create quality animation performance through a creative and professional portfolio using principles of animation, drawing, design, cinematic storytelling, artistic expertise and innovation. Students have exhibited a personal and professional commitment to artistic growth and cultural literacy that conveys passion, confidence, a collaborative and independent spirit, refined communications skills, and the adaptability to work within a dynamic animation community which helps in improving interest towards the subject.A total of fifteen Groups participated in the event and created more than 20 animation models.