Class: III Semester BCA A Sec                                                 

Date of Activity: 03/03/2021


  • To have knowledge about the basic working of a microcontroller system and its programming in assembly language
  • To provide experience to integrate hardware and software for microcontroller applications systems, system software

Rules of Activity:

  • Compulsory participation for every student


  • Neha Kousar presented the seminar on the topic “Embeded Systems” and at the end of presentation video has been displayed on ‘System Software Development’
  • Students Acquired knowledge about microcontrollers embedded processors and their applications
  • Students have understood the internal architecture and interfacing of different peripheral devices with Microcontrollers
  • Students have understood the role of embedded systems in industry and design concept of embedded systems
  • Students have understood how the system software is installed on ROM(Read only Memory)

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