Date of Activity: 15/03/2021                        

Class: I Semester B.Com ‘B’ Section                                                              


  • To unveil the hidden business talents among the students.
  • To enable the students to understand the present marketing strategy.
  • To generate effective critical thinking into primary issues on given topic. 
  • To reduce stage fear.
  • To build confidence level.
  • To give a platform for improving language.
  • To show-case the talents of our young minds to come up with an impactful message.
  • To improve their presentation skill.

Rules of Activity:

  • Compulsory participation.
  • Each group is provided with 20 minutes for Preparation and 10 Minutes for presentation.
  • Group members should launch the product with new idea and should give advertisement.


The activity was embraced with open arms by all students.The students made advertidement on launched product. The students enjoyed and at the same time they learnt to think in an unique way to introduce the new things in the market.