Successful teams don’t happen by accident. Collage is a primary artistic activity. Collage and paper art are very important to students because art helps them to develop their creative, imaginative, and problem-solving skills.

 Theme of Activity:

  • Govt sponsored schemes for entrepreneurs
  • Success stories of men and women entrepreneurs


  • To make learning fun and helps students in expressing their thoughts effectively in classroom
  • To build coordination among the students
  • To enable the students to exhibit their knowledge pictorially

Rule of this Activity:

  1. Randomly selected students and made into different groups.
  2. Each group consistingof 3 members.
  3. Each group is provided90 minutes of time.


Students actively involved themselves in this activity and showed their interest towards task assigned to their group.It motivated their minds towards thecreativity, trust, time management and interest towards subject.

The theme assigned to activity are:

  • Govt schemes in promoting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.
  • Success stories of Woman entrepreneurs
  • Opportunities to establish enterprises in Rural areas.