• To enable the students to understand the criteria of market.
  • To make them experience the real business world.
  • To give an insight about the qualities of good sellers.
  • To enhance the practical knowledge.
  • To help the students during their interviews.

Rules of the Activity:

  1. Compulsory participation.
  2. Each student is called on stage and given a product with fixing the reasonable price.
  3. The students sell the product by playing the role of seller.
  4. They have to influence and convince the remaining students (reaming students play the role of customers).
  5. The seller (student) uses many strategies to appeal the psyche of all the customers.
  6. The convinced customer will buy the product.



Students actively involved themselves in this activity and they acted as sellers and they involved themselves in learning new things. And they expressed their ideas and innovative strategies to convince the customers (remaining students).