Date of Activity: 18/02/2021                    

Class                : I and III Semester  M.Com                                    


  • To improve inter- team coordination
  • To enhance creative way of planning.
  • To help develop a high performance by encouraging shared commitment to common purpose.
  • To bring out the leadership skills among the students

Rules of Activity:

  1. Compulsory participation.
  2. Two teams were made with equal number of participants.
  3. The team who completes the given task in the least time will be the winner. 


The team building activities made the students to focus on importance of team work and what is needed to make you a better team. It made the students to understand, appreciate and develop their team. Three activities were done  that is passing the ball beneath the legs being apart, writing PES with a pen tied with threads and putting that pen into the water bottle and atlast, balancing the ball with pens. The students participated in all the activities with lots of enthusiasm.

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