General Disciplinary Regulations

PESIAMS is dedicated to providing students the very best educational experiences possible. To that end, the fundamental purpose of the institutions’  student code of discipline is to promote and protect the rights, welfare, intellectual integrity, safety, property, and health of all members of the Institute, as well as to promote the orderly operation of the institution and to safeguard its property and facilities.

 General Disciplinary Matters

All students are expected to refrain from:

  • Acts which disrupt or interfere with the orderly operation of teaching, research, and other academic activities
  • Behaviour that causes, or can reasonably be expected to cause, physical harm to a person
  • Physical or verbal threats against or intimidation of any person that results in limiting her/his full access to all aspects of life at the Institute
  • Refusing to comply with the directions of institution officials, instructors, administrators, or staff acting in performance of their duties
  • Refusing to appear or giving false statements when one is asked to present evidence or respond to an investigation involving the disciplinary code
  • Theft or vandalism of institution property, or property of others, or knowingly possessing stolen property
  • The unauthorised use, possession, or storage of any chemicals, weapons, or explosives, including fireworks.
  • The unauthorised distribution, possession, or use of any controlled substance (such as, but not limited to, illegal drugs)
  • Intentionally or recklessly interfering with normal institution activities.
  • The unauthorised or improper use of institution property, facilities, equipment, documents, records, or resources.
  • Violations of any other university-wide policies or campus regulations governing student discipline and finally
  • Ragging of any juniors. Ragging both inside as well as outside the campus is a criminal offence.

Class Regulations

  • Students are required to be in the class room 5 minutes before the commencement of the class.
  • No student will be allowed in the class once the lecture has started, unless he /she has taken prior permission or is late due to some work assigned by the dept. faculty. ( * in few genuine cases the concerned faculty will take a stand)
  • Students missing any class on the account of above amounts to his/her leave for that particular class and this may affect his/her attendance.
  • Use of cell phones in the class, labs or corridor is strictly prohibited and violations in this regard by any student will be penalized in terms of confiscation of their cell phones.
  • Students are expected to maintain the decorum of the class and if any student misbehaves he/she will not only be sent out of the class but also the attendance for the class will be cancelled.

 Other Regulations

  • All students in the campus must possess ID card and should produce the same when asked for.
  • Students should not unnecessarily loiter near class rooms, corridor, office, library, labs etc.
  • Students should keep the campus clean and should throw waste papers, empty pen refills etc. in dustbin only.
  • Students should not waste food in the canteen.
  • If any student is found writing on walls, class room tables, benches, podium etc., will be severely punished.
  • Students should not unnecessarily waste water in the campus and ensure the taps are closed properly after usage.
  • Basic toilet etiquette should be followed by all students.
  • On holidays if there is no special class no student will be allowed to enter the campus without any other legitimate reasons.
  • If students go on a trip without the permission from the institution and face some accident, the institution will not be responsible for such unfortunate happenings.

Library Regulations:

  • Usage of Cell Phones in the Library.
  • Causing a disturbance or engaging in any behaviour which interferes with Library activities.
  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials, equipment or property without proper checkout or other official library authorization.
  • Failing to either renew or return library materials when due.
  • Concealing library materials in the Library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
  • Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding or in any other way damaging or defacing library materials.
  • Eating and drinking in the Library.
  • Being in unauthorised areas of the Library, remaining in the Library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations, or when not abiding by The Library’s Conduct Policy.
  • Vandalizing or defacing the Library building, furniture or equipment.
  • Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging or destroying any computer system, network computer program or data.

Lab Regulations:

  • Every student must enter his/her name and sign in the log book maintained in lab before using any lab.
  • Student who need to work on class assignments have priority to use the lab computers over those students using the computers for emailing, web surfing etc.
  • Students should keep PCs and laboratories clean and tidy so as to be usable by others. Chairs must be properly arranged after the lab hours.
  • Students should not be occupying more than one PC simultaneously while other users are waiting.
  • Misusing of computer software: Students must not damage, alter, or remove without permission any software package in the custody of the institution. Students must not access another person’s data or text files without proper permission.
  • Misusing of computer Hardware: PESIAMS is the owner of all the hardware equipment residing in the Computer Labs. Students must not damage or pilfer any hardware equipment. Any malicious attempt to damage any hardware system or component is a serious offence. Students are not allowed to remove any hardware system or component from any lab. Such an action will be considered as theft and will be dealt very seriously.
  • Reading, duplicating, copying, removing, or misuse of a document, record, book, ledger, file, printout, cartridge, disc, key, or any property maintained by any individual(s) or department(s) of the institution is strictly prohibited.
  • Use of the computer system for frivolous purposes like playing games is prohibited.
  • Any attempt to alter the boot sequence and operating system loader by students is forbidden.
  • Use of Pen Drive, CD, and DVD etc. in the lab by students is prohibited. However, if student is working on any project/seminar etc., he or she can take special written permission from the respective HOD’s for such use. These students must take sufficient care not to use infected data disks on computer systems, or to copy/store any virus infected file on any computer system.
  • Most of the computer systems in the Labs have at least two different operating systems installed. For most of these operating systems, file systems corrupt if machines are switched off or rebooted without proper shutdown. Before rebooting a computer system or switching it off, users must make sure to follow the proper shutdown procedures for the current active operating system.
  • Error Reporting: It is expected from all users to report to the LAB administrator / in-charge, if there is any hardware, software, or any other operational errors.
  • Any kind of misconduct or behaviour, which is intended to denigrate, threaten or harm others, will not be tolerated.

Placement Regulations:

  • Students seeking placement assistance from institution placement cell are compulsorily required to participate in all the training programs organised from the cell.
  • In the beginning of the sixth semester, students should furnish their details as per the prescribed format in the placement office. Also, students should ensure these details are updated as and when required. Placement cell will not be responsible, if any student losses placement opportunity due to any anomalies in his/her details.
  • Students who are eligible & interested to participate in a selection process should register their names in the placement office as soon as it is notified. Students who have not registered their names will not be allowed to participate in such selection process.
  • If a student who is not having requisite eligibility criteria is found attending a selection process, he/she will not be provided any subsequent placement opportunities for such students.
  • Eligible students should be able to participate in the selection process on a short notice with all necessary documents.
  • Students, who have registered for a selection process and fail to appear for the same, further placement opportunities will not be provided for such students.
  • Students who fail to appear in a selection process on medical grounds or due any other genuine reasons will be allowed for further selection process after providing supportive documents for the same.
  • No student should directly communicate with Company Executives bypassing Placement Officer.
  • Students participating in selection process should be dressed formally. Students coming in casuals will not be allowed to appear in any of the selection process.
  • Students participating in off-campus selection process should behave like true ambassadors of the institution and if any of them is found to misbehave will be strictly dealt.

Sports Regulations

The institution provides various opportunities for students interested in sports and games and the students participating in such activities should avoid the following behaviour:

  • Not turning up for the selection to a particular sport/game and latter requesting for inclusion ( only special cases may be considered as felt necessary by the physical director)
  • Misbehaving in the tournaments conducted both in the campus as well as outside the campus.
  • Resorting to doping / taking drugs for performance enhancement.
  • Causing unnecessary physical or mental harm to team members or any opponents.
  • Not following the dress code.
  • not turning up for the practice sessions as per the schedule
  • Visiting different places without the permission of Physical Director during outstation tournaments.
  • Damaging or misuse of sports material in the custody of institution sports department.
  • Not returning sport materials on time after usage.

Rules to follow while using the Restroom:

Remember you are not the only one person using the restroom at the institution. There are other students and staff as well.

  • Never leave the restroom dirty. Smelly toilets are big turn offs.
  • If someone is inside, do not knock the door endlessly. Wait for the other person to come out.
  • Students should avoid carrying their handbags inside the washroom. Do not carry expensive items to the restroom.
  • Make sure you do not wet the toilet floor. Do not throw water on the floor as someone might slip and get hurt.
  • Never forget to use flush once you are done.
  • Carry your own antiseptic soap or sanitizer and wash your hand after use.
  • Do not spit on walls. It is absolutely childish to write names or make designs on toilet walls.
  • Don’t take much time inside the restroom.
  • Make sure you do not throw anything in the commode.
  • Sanitary napkins must be wrapped in polybags/newspaper and disposed in dustbins.
  • Do not leave the restroom with taps on. It is important to conserve water.
  • Do not throw unwanted hair or soap wrappers or food particles in the washbasin.
  • Do not wash the lunch boxes in the washbasin.
  • Ask the attendant to clean the toilet whenever it is dirty.