Timetable scheduling has been a human requirement since humans thought of managing time effectively. It is a schedule of time for coordinating students, teachers, class-rooms, and other resources of an educational institution. It is a schedule that sets out time at which specific subjects are intended to be engaged.


  • To give students, teachers, parents and administrators a clear picture of the schedule of classes.
  • To make maximum utilization of the college resources such as classroom availability, teacher availability, and material availability. 
  • To ensure accountability and transparency of classes scheduled and engaged.

Composition of the Timetable Committee for the AY 2020-21:



Name Designation
1. Dr. K. Sailatha, Principal Chairperson
2. Mrs. Roopa D.S, HOD, Dept. of Computer Science Coordinator
3. Mr. Praveen B, Assistant Professor Coordinator
4. Mr Abhishek S, Assistant Professor Member
5. Mr. Rangaswamy H, Assistant Professor Member


  • Preparing master timetable.
  • Verifying class and individual timetable prepared by class teachers and subject teachers.
  • Notifying the class timetable on the notice board after the approval of the Principal.
  • Maintaining proper documentation.

Standard Operating Procedure:

  • The HODs prepare workload on the basis of total number of teaching hours.
  • The HODs take the willingness of faculty to teach subjects through a structured document.
  • The Principal and HODs will allot subjects to the faculty members based on their willingness and competency.
  • Subject allocation details will be shared to the timetable coordinator for preparing master timetable.
  • The Coordinators of different departments will allot slots for languages to avoid overlapping and then allot slots for core subjects of their respective departments.
  • The Coordinator will share master timetable with the class teachers to prepare their respective class timetable and to verify overlapping of subjects in the given schedule.
  • Class teachers and their respective subject teachers will prepare the individual faculty timetable and verify overlapping.
  • The Finalized timetable will be taken for approval of the HOD and the Principal.
  • The Approved master timetable and class timetable will be notified on the notice board for students’ information.
  • Individual Faculty timetable will be circulated among the faculties.
  • Proper documentation will be maintained under ‘AAA’ format.




SI. NO. Course Time Table
1. M.Com View
2. B.Com View
3. BBA View
4. BCA View
5. B.Sc View