Counselling Services for Students

PES Trust, Shivamogga is committed to the overall well-being of its students. It strongly believes only through effective counseling this could be achieved. A separate counseling cell has been set up in the campus for the benefit of students. The counseling cell aims to promote psychological/ emotional well-being of students apart from career & educational guidance.

Students can avail counseling services on Tuesday & Friday between 3 – 5 pm. The counseling cell is headed by Mrs.Aruna. A. Mrs.Aruna has specialized in Psychology and Education in her undergraduate program and has a Masters in Human Resource Management. Also, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Skilling Domain. Aruna has decade experience in academia managing different students at various levels.


  • To promote psychological/ emotional well-being of the students.
  • To motivate the students to understand and develop their potentialities.
  • To provide career & educational guidance.


  • To identify the students who need help.
  • Conduct individual & group counselling sessions.
  • Seek expert opinions & support in critical cases.
  • Organize lectures/seminars/workshops by expert speakers and professionals.
  • Involving parents/teachers in the process.

Guidelines for counselling

  • The consent of the student will be obtained from the mentor before the commencement of counselling
  • Adhering to confidentiality is of prime importance
  • Prior appointments are encouraged
  • Clear boundaries of the counselling relationship will be established
  • Assessment accessibility will be provided only if the absolute need arises.

 Procedure for counselling

  • Though the students can approach the Counsellor during the working hours of the college, prior appointments are usually encouraged to follow a systematic procedure.
  • Faculty members can refer any student for misconduct/ misbehaviour in class during the class hours
  • Faculty members referring any student for counselling should fill in the initial details in the reference form prior to the counselling session. (Reference forms are available at the Counselling Cell).
  • Counselling Sessions are held at the office of Counselling Cell, Career Development Centre, PESITM Block.
  • The counsellor obtains the consent from the counselee and establishes the boundaries of the relationship during the first set of counselling.
  • The minimum duration of the counselling session is 30 minutes; however it can extend up to 60 minutes if the need arises.
  • Every counselling session is documented and an assessment is made.
  • Follow up is done to understand the progress of the situation.

 Counselling Committee Constitution:

The Counselling Committee shall have the following members-

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty  Designation
01 Dr. K. Sailatha, Principal, PESIAMS Chairperson
02 Ms. Aruna A, Manager, Career Development Centre, PES Trust ® Counselor
03 Mr. Prashanth, Faculty, Department of Computer Science Coordinator
04 Dr. Dileep Kumar S D, Co-ordinator, PG Department of Commerce Member
05 Dr. Krishna M M, HOD, Department of Commerce Member
06 Ms. Roopa D S, HOD, Department of Computer Science Member

 Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The main objective of formation of the Counselling Committee is to address the student related issues and help them in taking right decision for their academic and personal growth.
  • The committee should widely communicate the students regarding Counselling/mentoring support.
  • Each faculty (Mentor) will be assigned 20-25 students (Mentees) and all mentors shall monitor the students and their related issues.
  • The mentor examines their problems and shall discuss with the Committee to find a better solution for their grievances.
  • However, if any critical cases, the Heads of the Department through the Principal could forward the details of the students who may need counselling support to the Centralized Counsellor of PES Trust (R).
  • If necessary parents in specific cases, may also be invited for the meetings.
  • The committee is required to maintain the record of such counselling cases and follow up action taken thereof.
  • The committee shall meet once in a 15 days to address the students.
  • The committee shall organize certain programs/workshops & seminars to boost students’ morale and learning abilities.