Every institution has its own purpose and objectives. The minimum requirement to achieve or sustain those would be to have its members to fall in line with the same. Hence, it becomes imperative to make individuals to value their institutional life over their personal ones, and act according to a set of agreements with the institution, rather than their personal instincts and whims.

One word that would sum up the above would be ‘discipline’.Good discipline is key to success in the achievement of goals. Absence of discipline leads to many uncertainties, unrest and may result in chaos and confusion. Alternatively, disciplined environment has a good impact on the development of minds and gives a better grooming field for a novice.

We, being an academic institute, have to work with adolescents and young adults who, will be in a biological condition, where hormones overlap rational thought and yet to be mature mind. This makes it necessary for us to have a separate unit to address and regulate their nature of activities which is ‘Disciplinary Committee’. After all, the ultimate achievement of education is a disciplined mind which works within the constraints and challenges of life and follows an act of rules without impinging upon the rights of others.


The SOP is designed to achieve the following:-

  • Project, portray and present a true reflection of an academic institution wherein academic activities are conducted in keeping with scientific, social and constitutional values.
  • Provide conducive and congenial teaching and learning environments free of all disturbances and distractions.
  • Inculcate, refine and reform the character/personality traits of the students to meet the future challenges in a disciplined, organized and civilized manner.

 Function and Responsibilities:

  • Informing and creating awareness about the institutional expectations to all concerned and convincing them thorough rationale and sound reasoning.
  • Patience and tolerance in execution of policies by grooming and counseling the defaulters progressively and gradually.
  • Encouragement and reward for the good ones.
  • Collaboration, cooperation and coordination between the faculty, students, management and parents.
  • Effective communication with the students especially through the mentor mentee arrangement which already exists.

Note: A complaint or grievance comes to this committee only when all other concerned subsidiary subject-specific committees are unable to solve it. In such a case, the committee, based on the genuinity of the involving parties, has all the power to take serious action against the accused, which may even include suspending the person from the institution.