by Mr. Arvind Mallik,  Assistant Professor, MBA Department, PESITM, Shivamogga


Innovative teaching and learning methodologies are very effective and essentially in learning process and one has to adopt these innovative techniques in one’s daily teaching and learning process. These methodolgies are  very helpful to weak and slow learners. Hence on 15/07/2017 the department of BCA under CLUSTER Forum Conducted a technical seminar. Mr. Arvind Mallik Asst. Professor Department of MBA, International awardee delivered a talk on the topic “Innovative teaching and learning methodologies”. He explained that other than the regular learning procedure the social media and social website provide us and helps us to gain more knowledge, if you use them in the right way. Further he also spoke that student will get more job opportunities if they are adopt in technical usage.

Mr.Nagaraj R, Principal, Mrs. Roopa D S, HOD of BCA Department and Mr.,Rakesh D’Souza HOD BBA Department and other faculty members were also present on the occasion. Ms. Rachana welcomed the gathering and Ms. Sheethal M M proposed the vote of thanks.