The fundamental role of an education Institution is creating the best environment for administration and teaching and learning which impact student learning by integrating the ICT facilities in the institution. The main function of the ICT committee is to procure ICT requirements in-time, install, maintain and monitor the correct functioning in a fair and transparent manner.


  1. To provide ICT support for effective and efficient functioning of the administration
  2. To support the faculty to incorporate the skills to enhance their teaching-learning process and to enhance research capabilities
  3. To inculcate the technological blend of mindset of students.

Composition of ICT Committee for the Academic Year 2019-20



Name of the member and Department Designation
1 Dr. K Sailatha, Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs. Roopa. D. S,Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Coordinator
3 Mr. Darshan P. R., Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Member


  • Look after the ICT infrastructure of the Institution.
  • Promote ICT enabled learning culture.
  • Ensure optimal use of ICT facilities by students & staff .

Function: The ICT Committee will

  • Collect and compile a list of ICT equipment required by the administrative  and the departments and record the resolution of  the meeting.
  • Request letter will be submitted for due approval.
  • Raise online indent after due approval from the higher authority.
  • Once the ICT equipment is received from the IT Department, PES Trust, the supportive documents  will be documented and the installation of the equipment will be completed.
  • Periodic stock verification will be carried out.
  • Maintenance of ICT facilities.
  • Supporting uninterrupted internet service.
  • Ensuring functioning of Virtual Classroom.