The relevance of the Training and Placement Department is becoming increasingly significant in the current generation. The primary aim of this department is to bridge the gap that exists between the industries – Academia and to have a holistic approach towards career development. Having been exposed to the educational environment in Europe, it’s fascinating to see the Govt-Academia-Industry synergy that effectively harnesses the intellectual wealth of educational institutions. Efforts are being made to emulate the same for the benefit of the faculty and students here.

These days it is getting increasingly difficult to find employable engineers. One of the most prominent reasons for this is the lack of awareness among the students about their own potential, the current industry trends and also their inability to display confidence through effective communication skills. After having hopped from one bandwagon to another during their entire duration of time as a student, it can be a difficult task for a student to analyse his own strengths and effectively decide on a career goal.

To address these challenges, this department mainly focuses upon building the inherent potential of a student through ways such as effective counselling, improving career choice & decision making skills by facilitating workshops from industrialists/experts/entrepreneurs on relevant topics and other such measures. The idea is to achieve an Engineer who is not just a bag of skills but also an individual who is completely aware of the industry requirements displaying the charisma required to excel in any of his chosen fields.

Pramod S. Prabhudev, B.E., MBA (University of Bedfordshire – UK)
Manager – Department of Training & Placement