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On 11th May 2021 at 11 am the first session of Yuva Jagruthi was started which has been organised by IQAC Cell in association with Jagruthi charitable, Social and educational trust. the eminent resource person Prof. H M Nagaraj Rao Kalkatte created the awareness among the youths that students participation in solving social problems has the power to promote the personal and collective identity. Prof. Nagaraj by sharing his experiences and present situation he informed the students that has challenging and uncertain as life may be at the moment we have to adjust the current situation and strengthen the society. 140 students of first year BCA, B.sec and second year B.sec got benefited by the program.


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On 12th may 2021 the resource person in his special talk suggested the students not to live materialistic life and also not to live just in government records but should live the life where the society remembers for many years by serving the society. By giving real examples he enlightened the students to be socially responsible by protesting negative thoughts in the society.



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On 13th may 2021 the resource person in his talk motivated the students to have high ambitions and strongly strengthened the students confidence by giving suggestions to reach their ambitions. He created awareness in the students that with their education they should also inculcate the social responsible skills by responding to their surrounding society problems. He gave insights of pandemic situation and created the awareness of individual responsibilities to the society.