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Dr Pramod Gopal Pai
Dr Pramod Gopal PaiAssociate Professor and Head

About Physics Department

Department of Physics, PESITM came into existence since the inception of the college in June 2007. The department is running with the vision to impart quality education of Physics and to help students to understand the Physics principles behind the Engineering applications. We teach Engineering Physics (both Theory and Practicals) to all the Engineering branch students. Department of Physics is also recognized as a Research Centre in the field of Radiation, Ultrafine particles, under VTU since 2011. The department has a well-equipped lab as well as dedicated and motivated faculty members.

Teaching Faculty

Ms. Ramya K K
Ms. Ramya K KAssistant Professor
Ms. Rashmi S.
Ms. Rashmi S.Assistant Professor

Non – Teaching Faculty

Mrs. Bhargavi S
Mrs. Bhargavi SInstructor
Dr.Shivkumar K.
Dr.Shivkumar K.Professor and Head

About Chemistry Department

Chemistry is one of the fundamental sciences which apart from its applications in its own field, is applicable to other fields. Chemistry has made unique contribution towards progress of civilization and has played an active role in solving many problems confronted by mankind.
In today’s society chemistry is prominently involved in the world of engineering.

Engineering and Technology departments such as Chemical, Polymer Technology, Bio-Technology, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Environmental and all other engineering fields need the knowledge of Chemistry to deal with the problems in their fields.

Engineering Chemistry also impart knowledge on properties of materials, protecting them from corrosion and selecting right types of Materials used in various fields of Engineering and Industry.

The department of chemistry has well qualified, experienced and enthusiastic faculty to teach Engineering Chemistry and motivate students to achieve grand success in VTU examinations.
Department has research center and students are working in the area of polymer science and its polymer materials. The Engineering Chemistry laboratory has the latest and advanced sophisticated instruments pertaining to the syllabus.
Experienced and skilled non-teaching staff members having good experience in conducting experiments, are guiding the students in their practical classes.

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Praveen Kumar C.M.
Dr. Praveen Kumar C.M.Assistant Professor
Roopa C.P
Roopa C.PAssistant Professor

Non – Teaching Faculty

Someswara Shastri J
Someswara Shastri JLab Instructor
Dr. Aveesh S.T.
Dr. Aveesh S.T.Professor and Head

About Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics has come into existence since the inception of the Institute(i.e. in the year 2007). The Department wishes to focus on providing a comprehensive curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, relevant research and career opportunities in India and abroad.The department has well qualified, dedicated and self-motivated faculty members. Staff members are involved in the research activities. Major areas of research like Algebra, Differential Geometry and Fluid Dynamics are successfully pursued by our very eminent and scholarly staff.


Teaching Faculty

Dr.Archana M.
Dr.Archana M.Assistant Professor
Umeshaiah M.
Umeshaiah M.Assistant Professor
Dr.Chandru K.
Dr.Chandru K.Assistant Professor
Veda L.K.
Veda L.K.Assistant Professor
Swathi V
Swathi VAssistant Professor
Technical Talk

1)Technical Talk on “Differential Equations and it’s applications in electronic Circuits” by Dr. Jagdeesha S N, Professor, Department of CSE, PESITM, Shivamogga, on 07/04/2017 for First year ECE Students.

2)Technical Talk on “Superconductivity and its applications” by Dr. H S Jayanna, Chairman, Professor, Department of Physics, Jnanasahyadri, Kuvempu University, Shivamogga, on 8.9.2016 to all the first year students and teaching staff

3)Technical Talk on “Spastics, Probability and Set theory applications in computer science” by Prof. Prasanna Kumar H R, HOD, Department of ISE, PESITM, Shivamogga, on 13/04/2017 for First year CSE and ISE Students.

Workshop Attended by Faculty’s

1) Dr. Aveesh S T attended a One day workshop on “Engineering Mathematics-IV” organized in “Jain College of Engineering, Belagavi” on 04-02-2017.

2) Umeshaiah M attended a Two day workshop on “Computational Fluid Dynamics” organized in “Kuvempu University” on 21-10-2016 to 22-10-2016.

3) Reshma S R attended a Two day workshop on “Indian Mathematics, their work and Astronomy” organized in “Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore” on 17-02-2017 to 18-02-2017.

Dr. Shivakumar K.
Professor and Head, Chemistry
PES Institute of Technology and Management
NH 206, Sagar Road, Shivamogga – 577 204