Committees for AY 2019-20

/Committees for AY 2019-20
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Committees for the Academic Year 2019-20

Anti-Sexual harassment Committee

Name Designation
Dr. Sunitha B S, Associate –Professor , CSE Chairperson
Mrs.Yagnodhbavi H M, Assistant Professor, Civil Member
Mrs.Shymala S C, Assistant Professor, ECE Member
Dr.Prasanna Kumar H R, HOD-ISE Member
Mrs.Vani G S, Assistant Professor, ISE Member
Mrs.Manjula, Office-Executive Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women (active and preventive in nature) in the campus, hostel and college premises by promoting gender amity among students.
  • Prevention of sexual harassment to ensure safe learning environment for girl students
  • To ensure provision of an educational environment that is free from sexual harassment.
  • To address any oral, written or online complaint at WECARE about sexual harassment.
  • Sexual harassment includes oral or written statements of a sexual nature to a person , or in a person’s presence.
  • Aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment.
  • If any such incidents occur / found, report the same to the Principal immediately.

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Grievance Redressal Committee

Name Position
Dr.Chaintanya Kumar M V, Principal Chairperson
Dr.Prasanna Kumar T M, HOD-MBA Member
Mrs. Shyamala S. C., Assistant Professor, ECE Member
Dr. Praveen Kumar C.M., Assistant Professor, Basic Science Member
Mr.Roshan , Student – CSE Special Invitee


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To resolve student grievances related to both academic as well as non-academic matters.
  • To ensure there is no bias or prejudices while dealing with students
  • To promote and establish transparent practices related to students
  • To create an conducive environment for learning


Anti-Ragging Committee

Name Designation
Dr.Chaitanya Kumar M V,Principal Chairman
Dr.Prasanna Kumar T M, HOD-MBA Coordinator
Dr.Jagadeesha S N, HOD-CSE Member
Dr.Manoj Kumar, HOD – EEE Member
Dr.Shivkumar K, HOD-Chemistry Member
Dr.Sendhil, Physical Education Director Member
Dr.Basavarajappa Y H, HOD-M.E Member
Dr.Prasanna Kumar H R, HOD-ISE Member
Dr.M N Hiremath, HOD-Civil & Warden-Boys Hostel Member
Dr.Chandrappa D N, HOD-ECE Member
Dr.Aveesh, HOD-Maths Member
Dr.PramodPai, HOD-Physics Member
Mrs.Yagnodbhavi H M, Dept. of Civil Engg. Member
Mr.Ramesh, Resident Warden – Boys Hostel Member
Mrs.Manjula, Resident Warden – Girls Hostel Member
Mr.SuhasBharadwaj, Student – ME Member
Ms.SwathiSarang, Student – ISE Member
Mr.Abhijith H K, Student – Civil Engg. Member


 Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Preventing the menace of ragging in the college and making the campus zerp ragging zone.
  • Ensure anti-ragging instructions are displayed at prominent places in college campus and hostels
  • To make surprise raids in the college, hostels and other vulnerable places where students generally visit and where either the incidents of ragging have occurred or which are potentially prone to ragging.
  • To conduct an on-the-spot enquiry into any incident of ragging referred to it by any member of the committee or any faculty as the case may be.
  • If any such above incidents are observed, take immediate action to prevent the same and report the same to the principal without any delay.

Student Welfare Committee


Name Designation
Dr.Prasanna Kumar H R, HOD-ISE Chairman
Mrs.Yajnodhbavi, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mr.Amruth, Dept. of M.E Member
Mr.Pradeep, Dept. of CSE Member
Mrs.Neetha, Dept. of EEE Member
Dr.Pramod, Dept. of ISE Member
Mr.Praveen Kumar B H, Dept of MBA Member
Dr.Chandru, Dept. Of Mathematics Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Addressing the students regarding issues with facilities available in the college.
  • Addressing the issues regarding Ragging in the campus.
  • Giving awareness to students regarding various scholarship schemes.
  • Giving awareness about reporting issues through website link (we care), email to student welfare process, suggestion box
  • Conducting the meeting at least two times in a year to resolve the student’s issues and taking necessary actions. Meeting can be called as and when required, depending upon the seriousness of the issue.
  • If any issues found, immediately report to the Principal

Discipline Committee

Name Position
Dr. Girisha L, Associate Professor , Dept. of ME Chairman
Dr. Praveen Kumar C M, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Chemistry Member
Mr.Rakesh, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mrs.Neetha, Asst. Professor, Dept. of EEE Member
Mrs.Prathibha, Asst. Professor , Dept. of CSE Member
Dr.Sendhil, Physical Director Member
Dr. M N Hiremath, HOD- CV & Chief Warden – Boys Hostel Member
Mrs.Yagnodhbhavi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of CV &

Chief Warden – Girls Hostel



Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To maintain and enforce strict discipline within the college campus.
  • All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus and their respective class rooms.
  • In case of any violation of dress code or disturbance in the class, the ID card will be confiscated from the student which will be handed over to the student on the same day with a warning and advice from the Disciplinary Committee Members.
  • In case of any misbehavior or violation of the college rules, the ID cards of the students will be kept with the Disciplinary Committee Members till the enquiry is over.
  • To enforce total prohibition of cell phone usage by the students within the college campus. Please note that cell phone is prohibited in the college campus and if a student is found carrying a cell phone, it will be taken away and handed over to the Principal.
  • To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridors during the college working hours.
  • To ensure that all the students attend classes without bunking and prevent them from leaving the college early. Please note that no student can leave the college early without prior permission from the concerned authorities.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus and ensures that this is being strictly followed.
  • To ensure that students maintain complete silence in the library.
  • To maintain proper discipline in the college canteen and student common boys/girl resting room during the college working hours.
  • If any damage is caused to the college property by any student / group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with a fine from the said student / group of this will be followed by disciplinary action.
  • If any indiscipline is found by any of the students, warn them on the first instance. Take disciplinary action based on the rules and regulations of the committee, if the pattern of misconduct continues.
  • Submit the enquiry report of any incidents/issues after conducting a committee meeting.


Academic Monitoring Committee


Name Position
Dr.S N Jagadeesha, HOD-CSE Chairman
Dr.Guruva Reddy , Vice-Principal Member
Mr.Rakesh, Dept. of ECE Member
Dr.Girish, Dept. of ME Member
Mr.Kiran Kumar, Dept. of EEE Member
Dr.Manu, Dept. of CSE Member
Dr.Pramod, Dept. of ISE Member
Mr.ArvindMallik D M, Dept. of MBA Member
Dr.Shivkumar, Dept. of Basic Science Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The AMC thoroughly works on designing the educational process
  • It continuously reviews and monitors the process keeping in view the emerging needs and expectations of the industry
  • The AMC along with the strength of the faculty members continuously works on updating and restructuring the innovative skill sets for promoting academic excellence
  • To verify faculty –academic pre-preparation and generate verification reports.
  • To conduct monthly audit of course delivery and submit report to HOD.
  • To conduct midterm & end term academic monitoring /verification and submit report to HOD
  • To maintain departmental academic file
  • To prepare departmental academic calendar
  • To make sure that daily attendance report of each class is filled properly before submitting.
  • To monitor works of class teacher and smooth conduction of academics.
  • To conduct departmental audit per semester
  • To conduct interdepartmental audit per semester
  • To observe lecture conduction of faculty member along with senior faculty members.


Time Table Committee

Name Designation
Dr.Aveesh S T, Dept. of Mathematics Coordinator
Mr.Shivanand D C, Dept. of M.E Member
Mr.Rakesh M K, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mr.Raghavendra K, Dept. of CSE Member
Mr.Vishnu V M, Dept. of ECE Member
Mr.Arjun U, Dept. of ISE Member
Mrs.Neetha H M, Dept. of EEE Member
Dr.Chandru K, First Year Member

 Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Time-Table preparation for each department.
  • To Prepare Individual Timetable & Room wise Timetable get approval by the Principal.
  • Allotment of Classrooms, Labs, Tutorial Rooms etc.
  • Correlate the timetable with the calendar of events of the department & College.

Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

Name Position
Dr.Prasanna Kumar T M, HOD-MBA Chairman
Mr.Rakesh M K, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mrs.Deeksha Kamath, Dept. of Basic Science Member
Mr. Shivayogappa H. J., Dept. Of ECE Member
Mr. Puneeth B. H., Dept. of CSE Member
Mr.Mr. Vinay S. K, Dept. of ISE Member
Mrs.Neetha H. M., Dept. of EEE Member
Mr. Maltesh Kumar Deshpande, Dept. of M.E Member
Ms.Divya H. A, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The Cultural Committee shall be responsible for all intra and inter collegiate cultural events in the Institute.
  • To plan and schedule cultural events for the academic year.
  • The Convener of the committee shall conduct a meeting of the committee to discuss and delegate tasks.
  • To prepare the Annual Budget for various cultural events.
  • Motivating students to participate in cultural events organized at College, University, National and International levels.
  • Organizing cultural events for staff members


Sports Committee

Name Designation
Dr.Shivkumar, Professor, Basic Science Chairman
Dr.Sendhil, PED Member Secretary
Mr.Sunil M E, Dept. of CSE Member
Mr.Shanthaveeresh, Dept. of EEE Member
Mr.Shashank B, Dept. of ECE Member
Mr.Arjun U, Dept. of ISE Member
Mr.Sanjay, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mr.Ganesh U L, Dept. of M.E Member
Mr.Arjun J , Dept. of MBA Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To provide an environment for physical development of the students.
  • To develop team spirit among the students.
  • To provide opportunity for the students to showcase their talent in sports.
  • To promote sportsmanship among students by organizing various sports activities.
  • Organizing various indoor and outdoor games during sports week.
  • Motivating students to participate in sports events organized at University, national and international levels.
  • Organizing sports events for staff members.


Library Committee

Name Designation
Dr.Aveesh S T, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics (Basic Sciences) Chairman
Dr.Prasanna Kumar H R., Prof. Dept. of ISE & Chairman, Student Welfare Committee Member
Mr.Raghavendra., Asst. Prof., Dept. of CSE Member
Dr.Girish Naik, Associate Prof., Dept. of CSE Member
Dr.Mallikarjun Hiremath, Prof. & HOD, Dept. of Civil Engg. Member
Mr.Pramod Rampur, Asst. Prof., Dept. of ECE Member
Mrs. Neetha, Asst. Prof., Dept. of EEE Member
Mr.Arvind Mallik., Asst. Prof., Dept. of MBA Member
Mr.Nitish Bharadwaj, ECE Student St. Member
Ms.Amulya B P, ISE Student St. Member
Mr.Chandrashekar K L., Senior Librarian Secretary


NSS Committee

Name Designation
Mr.Prasanna Nayak H, Dept. of ME NSS Officer
Mr.Ganesh U L, Dept. of ME Member
Mr.Puneeth B H, Dept. of CSE Member
Mr.Amshith Kumar, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mr.Venkatesh, Dept. of ISE Member
Mr.Shivayogi, Dept. of ECE Member
Mr.Shantveeresh, Dept. of EEE Member
Mr.Arjun J, Dept. of MBA Member
Dr.Chandru K, First Year Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Develop a sense of social and civic responsibility among students.
  • Utilize student’s knowledge in finding practical solution to individual and community problems.
  • Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
  • Develop community service attitude during emergencies and natural disasters.


Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC)

Name Position
Dr. Chandrappa D N, HOD- ECE Coordinator
Dr.Basavarajappa Y H , HOD- ME Member
Dr.Pramod   S P, CDC Member
Mr. Nandan N Shenoy, Dept. of Civil Engineering Member
Mr.Kunja D Shinde, Dept. of ECE Member
Mr. Santosh M B, Dept. of ME Member
Mr. Pradeep K. Dept of CSE Member
Mr. Kiran Kumar G R, Dept. of EEE Member
Mr. Arjun J, Dept of MBA Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To create an entrepreneurship eco-system in the institute, where students would learn the technicalities of entrepreneurship and become job providers instead of job seekers.
  • To be in continuous contact with District Industry Officer, KSFC and other Government and private nodal agencies.
  • To arrange lectures on establishment of new start-ups, MSM enterprises.
  • Strive to establish an incubation centre with Governmental funding.
  • Create a strong network of mentors who would provide sector specific knowledge & real world practical guidance.
  • To arrange Entrepreneurship training programs, conduct events and inspirational programs.
  • Build a strong team with adequate knowledge and experience in guiding start-ups, building business plans, facilitating investments, building networks, etc.


Training & Placement Cell

Name Designation
Dr. Manoj Kumar, HOD-EEE Chairman
Mr. Pramod S Prabhudev, Manager – T&P Member Secretary
Mr. Kalpana S – EEE Member
Mr. Chethan B R -ECE Member
Mr. Likewin Thomos – CSE Member
Mr. Arjun U – ISE Member
Mr. Vinod Rampur – ME Member
Mr. Sharath S K – Civil Member
Mr. Arjun J – MBA Member


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To review the Training & Placement Performance of every outgoing batch of Graduates.
  • To understand the Industry Specific Skills and being aware of trending technologies with respect every specialization.
  • To analyze the academic performances of students and orient students about eligibility criteria of Companies.
  • To ensure maximum student participation in all Training & development initiatives.
  • To facilitate Internships, Guest talks, Industry Specific Workshops, Academic Projects, Industry initiatives and campus recruitment drives. To maintain connectivity with all campus recruited students for mentoring and training programs


Purchase Committee

Sl. No. Designation Name of the Person Position
1 CCA, PES Trust (R) & Dr. Nagaraja R Chairman

(Authorized to sign POs)

2 Principal, PESITM Member (Authorized to sign POs)
3 Head /Section Head of  the concerned Dept Member
4 Senior Professor, of  the concerned Dept Member
5 Assistant Professor Dept. of Civil Engg Shri Nandan N Shenoy Member Secretary


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To scrutinize requisitions for equipment of various departments and decide upon the necessity of purchasing the equipment, keeping in view the requirements specified by the University, AICTE, NBA, NAAC, GOI, GOK etc.
  • To coordinate all the purchases of various Departments and ensure the procurement of required items as per schedule
  • To call and scrutinize tenders/ quotations for items of purchase, with the help of department.
  • To ensure that the supplies/services quoted for comply with what was requested.
  • To carry out discussions and negotiations with suppliers and procure the best quality items with competitive price.
  • To seek clarification from suppliers/service providers wherever necessary.
  • To finalize the terms and conditions in the purchase order.
  • To forward the negotiated /finalized quote for approval of the management through Budget Committee.
  • To arrange for sending the purchase order, inspection and acceptance/ rejection of the equipment received, with the help of department.
  • To communicate the decision of the Committee to concerned department.
  • Normally frequency of the CPC meeting should be once in 15 days; whereas in case of urgency and necessity CPC can meet as and when required.
  • If the value of the purchase falls lesser than Rs 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Rupees), Purchase section/Dept with the consent of the chairman may proceed with purchasing the indented items directly without the approval of the Purchase committee.


Budget Committee

Sl. No. Designation Name of the Person Position
1 Governing Council Member Mrs. Umadevi S Y Chairperson
2 CCA, PES Trust (R) Dr. Nagaraja R Member
3 Principal, PESITM Member
4 All Department HODs Members
5 Accounts Manager Member
6 Assistant Professor, Civil Engg Shri Nandan N Shenoy Member Secretary


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that the financial elements of the institution are in accordance with its vision, mission, objectives and strategic plan.
  • To assist PES Trust in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility.
  • To protect the organization from legal challenges and liabilities.
  • To guard the organization against illegal, unethical, or incompetent activities by fiscal managers.
  • To protect the organization from actual or apparent conflict of interest.
  • To act as an advisory panel to the financial operations.
  • To evaluate both the financial operations and the people in charge of it meticulously.
  • To be vigilant of illegal, unethical, or incompetent financial dealings engaged in by
  • individuals or groups that the organization deals with, or financial arrangements that may harm the organization.
  • Participating in the annual audit and carry out meticulous pre-audit checks.
  • Evaluating PESITM’s fiscal operations, and those in charge of it.
  • Reporting to the board of trustees about the financial conditions of PESITM, and/or any financial irregularities or inefficiencies regularly.
  • To evaluate and approve budget of the programmes, activities, conferences, FDPs, SDPs, Workshops, Symposiums and/or any other academic, curricular and co-curricular, any other events of PESITM.
  • Examine and scrutinize the annual budget of the Institute prepared by the principal and make suggestions and recommendations.
  • To take up any other activity/responsibility as assigned by the Managing Trustee from time to time.