FDP on Emerging Exponential Technologies

//FDP on Emerging Exponential Technologies

Emerging technology is a term that normally refers to a new technology, but it can also refer to how current technology is changing. It has a number of connotations depending on the context, such as media, business, science, or education. It is normally reserved for technologies that are creating or are projected to have substantial societal or economic effects, and it refers to technologies that are currently developing or will be available within the next 5-10 years. The notion of technical evolution describes how society has altered substantially as a result of technological growth.

Due to the digitization of the corporate sector, this is no longer sufficient. Traditional MBA programmes are exhausting, and they’ve been chastised for failing to keep up with the times in today’s world, because it’s almost counter-intuitive for MBA graduates to have a deep understanding of business without also knowing how to apply technology to businesses and collaborate with technical teams.

This resource module was created to go along with the Introduction to Emerging Technology course. It includes both instructional materials and teaching ideas. As part of its commitment to raising awareness and doing research in emerging technologies, the MBA department has created a website. On the 27th and 28th of January 2022, PESITM hosted a two-day Faculty Development Program. The two-day FDP workshop “Workshop on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World” aims to help academic and professional researchers keep up with worldwide trends and practices.

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