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To foster the culture of Innovation and to encourage, inspire and nurture young students to work on new ideas and to promote them for start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures, Institutes Innovation Council, PES Institute of Technology and Management, Shivamogga is constituted.

Certificate from MHRD’s Innovation Cell, Government of India

IIC Council Members  for 2021-22

Sl.NoFacultyDesignationDepartmentRoleContact No.
1Dr. Chaitanya Kumar M VPrincipalPES ITMPresident9845346072 
2Dr. Om Prakash YadavAssociate ProfessorDept. of EEEConvener8966000053 
3Dr. Likewin ThomosAssociate ProfessorDept. of CSEInnovation  Activity Coordinator9483503377 
4Dr. Basavarajappa Y HProfessorDept. of MEStartup Activity Coordinator9242851012 
5Dr. Manjunath Patel G CTeachingDept. of MEIPR Activity Coordinator8073354660 
6Dr. Praveen Kumar CMAssistant ProfessorDept. of ChemistryNIRF Coordinator9663731024 
7Mr. Arvind MallikAssistant ProfessorDept. of MBASocial  Media Coordinator9886300070 
8Mr. Chethan B RAssistant ProfessorDept. of ECEInternship Activity Coordinator9964874684 
9Dr. Om Prakash YadavAssociate ProfessorDept. of EEEARIIA Coordinator8966000053 
10Mr. Deepak K RCEOVijay Technocrats Pvt. LtdExternal Member9901770799 
11Mr. Sahil SharmaStudentDept. of CivilInnovation Coordinator9149627268 
12Ms. Ishika GuptaStudentDept. of CSEStartup Coordinator6005889028 
13Ms. Supriya K MStudentDept. of MBASocial Media Coordinator9591218427 
14Mr. Abhilash K UStudentDept. of CVInternship Coordinator-7899207329 
15Ms. Karanam NavyashreeStudentDept. of MBAIPR Coordinator8309620791 
16Ms. Yashaswini TStudentDept. of EEEMember8088300856 
17Mr. Shivakumar MStudentDept.  of  MEMember9663061195 
18Mr.Surya A ShettyStudentDept.  of  MEMember9481244739 


Roles and Responsibilities


The President will constitute the IIC council and appoint its members.  He is responsible for ensuring that Quarterly Council Meeting is planned effectively. Conduct Council Meeting in accordance with prescribed rules and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.


• The Convenor will work in close coordination with IIC president and will provide help wherever required for smooth conduction of activities.

• He will ensure the participation in the meeting and will prepare the meeting agenda at well in advance with the inputs from all valuable council members and President.

• He will ensure that the internal examination dates would not interfere with the IIC activities and coordinate with all departments to ensure the same.

• He will collect the inputs from all the members of the council at regular interval, especially external members for better planning of IIC activities and effective delivery of results.

1. Innovation activity coordinator

Will work to promote innovation related activities on campus or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

2. Start-up activity coordinator

Will work to boost startup generation among students and related activities or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

3. Internship coordinator

Will work to arrange student internships in startups, so to expose them with startup ecosystem in India, real-life challenges in startup and their success stories or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

4. IPR activity coordinator-

To promote awareness about IPRs and conduct related activities on campus or as mandated in IIC council meeting.

5. Social Media Coordinator-

Will create and manage IIC page/account on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and other relevant social media platforms. He / She will be responsible for posting all the relevant information about council meeting resolution and action plan, IIC activities and follow/tag MIC/IIC page and posts on these platforms. He/ She will also ensure that all students follow MIC/IIC page/account on social media to get first-hand information.

6. ARIIA Coordinator – Coordinate for ARIIA related activities.

7. NIRF coordinator – Coordinate for NIRF related activities.

8.  Student Coordinator

Student coordinators will act as a medium of communication between IIC and institute students. He/ She will understand the concept, idea and method of participation in IIC activities and disseminate it to all the students. He/ She will act as a volunteer for IIC programs and will support respective faculty coordinators.

PESITM National Innovation Startup Policy