Launchpad 2014

//Launchpad 2014

Launchpad – New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for PGDMS&RC students — working with classmates and others—to investigate and launch a new business venture. In order to provide an experience that is both educational and effective which will expose the participant to all the aspects of business have been developed around the Contest. Launchpad is not activity based upon any business plan rather its unique proposition builds to nurture how business should incorporate strategic initiatives which every business entity be aware of.

Its New Venture Competition is to provide a meaningful learning experience for students who are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial opportunity at some point in their careers. As such, most ideas entered in the competition will be ideas for a new business.

Successfully launchpad series one has been launched in 2013 too.


1. To launch new business strategic initiatives
2. To express innovative ideas behind very new business ventures
3. To expose hidden talent to Global audience

Participants- All 51 students of MBA 3rdSemester only (7 teams)
Event Date- 31st October, 2014

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