Launchpad Season-3

//Launchpad Season-3

Learning subjects with Business games gives a first mover advantages to any learner. Most business games are used for business acumen training and development which include: strategic thinking, financial analysis, market analysis, operations, teamwork and leadership.

Believe Transcends Hope is Theme for our International Award winning subject- Strategic Management, MBA@PESITM with a firm believe to knock false expectations and give our best in what we have in our hands rather having false hope for Tomorrow. Arguable the best idea stage to share your uniqueness with MBA@PESITM with 10 Teams- 1 Theme -10 Ideas.

In order to provide an experience that is both educational and effective which will expose the participant to all the aspects of business have been developed around the Contest, Launchpad-3-New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for PGDMS&RC students—working with classmates and others—to investigate and launch a new business venture program was inaugurated by Prof & HOD Dr.Prasana Kumar TM On 21.5.2019 and the idea was initiated and developed by Mr.D.M.Arvind Mallik,Faculty@MBA Dept.PESITM.Shivamogga


1. Activity will be focused on soft issues of incorporating firm and its challenges while covering 4 modules of Strategic Mangement of 2nd Sem, VTU
2. First time in VTU, a entire Strategic Management 5 modules converted into potential practical business elements Students will be divided into 7-9 teams
3. 5-7 students/team.
4. Event contents will be shared across by faculty
5. The idea was discussed in class and students are well reciprocate towards conducting the event
6. The event will take place in the seminar hall after 2nd internals only (May 2019)
7. Event promotional exercises will be taken care by all students and myself on various social media as it will act as Publicity for the department and event
8. Each team have been given a product/service to identify a path and will keep updating the same as and when required
9. Rise above Hate – Believe transcends Hope will be the theme for the event
10. 10 teams shared their unique Business Ideas across different areas like E-Commerce, Cosmetics, Matrimonal, Automobile, organic Manure, Drone
11. Top 3 winners were judged based upon idea potentiality and facilitated:
i. Fayre- A Beauty Cosmetic Mobile Panel ( Ashitha,Megha MB,Deepa R,Rukumin.KV,Bhavya BS,Subiya Husna and Aiswaraya EM)
ii. Elfin- De Tan Machine for Mens( Pratiksha M,Pooja,vagdevi and Varsha)
iii. Just Wow- Safety Women Watch( Nirajana,Naveen Naik,Sucheth,Arun kUmar and Sanjeev)

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