The students and faculty members of PESITM saw two-days of excellent display of talent, competitive spirit and excitement during PRERANA-2014, the annual college cultural festival held on 25th and 26th April 2014. Nothing was missing from the two-day carnival, right from Dance to Music, Drama, Artist performances, Pencil drawing, Face painting, Clay Play, etc.

The program started with the Inaugural Ceremony celebrating the culture and traditions of India, inaugurated by our principal Dr.Suresh Chandra Mohan followed by Smt. Arunadevi, Joint Secretary, PES Trust, inagurated the Tresspass which was a Marathon for girls within the campus covering a distance of 1.2 kms.

On 25th, the first day of the festival the participants showed off their skills in a plethora of on and off stage events. The students from various departments of PESITM participated in Edi Thumbe Haaduvenu, Gaata rahe mera dil, Pick &Speak, Pick & Act, Ek Minute, Khana Khazana and Fancy Footwork.

The students got a taste of poetry as many singers performed in Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu. The students showcased their acting abilities in Pick & Act and their vocabulary and improvisation in Pick & Speak. The crowd was also enthralled by the grooving tunes of played by the participating singers performing in Gaata Rahe Mera Dil. Khana Khazana bought different delicacies to light as teams came up with different dishes presenting them in a new manner. The evening ended with a bang as the students were having a gala time dancing to the tunes the dancers were performing.

After the fun packed day-one, day two, i.e. the 26th April 2014 started with the On-stage event Think Q and off stage event Face Painting. Both the events had a good number of participants.The day saw a battle of the vocal chords as the singers from PESITM battled it out for Nanna Haadu”. This was followed by one of the most awaited event Mad Ads and MIME where students showcased their talent in acting as well as synchronization confidence and wit. Then majority of the participants gathered for the Treasure Hunt, the limelight of the day 2. The students ran across campus in groups in search for their treasure with everyone sweating out but determined to reach to the treasure first.

Then the cultural evening stated of with mimicry at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium. The evening continued with the students sitting and dancing in the rain to the foot tapping tunes and electrifying performances of the evening.

The events were extensively covered by the electronic media. The efforts of the Core Team and Main Team of students who were involved in the planning and preparation of the festival were finally fruitful as their efforts were appreciated and acknowledged by all. The students thanked the Management, the College and the Faculties wholeheartedly for providing them encouragement and guidance to organize and participate in the festival. The two day fest culminated with the Cultural night where the students danced the day off to the latest dance numbers in the rain bringing the two day cultural fest to an end.

The Final Result Sheet Compilation

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