Student Development Program for BCA Students

//Student Development Program for BCA Students


The objective of this workshop was to provide a brief idea to the beginners about Machine learning and make them understand how different techniques are implemented in Machine Learning domain. It has helped final year students who were working on their projects to overcome the difficulty that they were facing during implementation of the project.

D A Y 1

On the first day of the machine learning workshop the students were taught about the history of machine learning and also the types of machine learning(supervised and unsupervised).A brief idea about neural network and applications of machine learning was delivered by Dr.Likewin Thomas.

D A Y 2

In the morning session , Hands-on machine Learning algorithm implementation was done by Deepak.P, where the students were taught about where to find the dataset, how to preprocess the dataset and so on.Various machine learning algorithms like linear regression,K- Means and Neural Networks were explained by taking various set of examples such as House price prediction using Linear Regression algorithm. In the afternoon session,HACKATHON was conducted by IEEE students where the students were given the challenge to code certain problem statements and to identify various logos and picture puzzles.

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