Weald Dodger – The Three Wheel Offroader

//Weald Dodger – The Three Wheel Offroader

As an engineer my main motto is to make the people life easier and simpler than before. So in order to reach the people with my motto I took up an area of automobile especially the off road vehicling, which involves the trucking, mountain biking and even the army operations involve off roading where they need to go through the forest areas hilly and mountain areas where there will be no definite road ways, paths with lot of obstacles and high slopes. At present they are using the royal Enfield’s and the quad bikes which are strong enough but these may sometimes roll over while encountering higher slopes and while moving at different angles thus in order to overcome this problem I thought of designing a off-road vehicle which will be 100 percent safe that is which doesn’t roll over at higher slopes and at higher angle of inclinations thus planned a design of three wheel off-road bike having two wheels in front and one wheel at back the rectangular base proves the cause of 100 percent safety. On working on it for 4 to 5 months I came up with 3 to 4 different types of designs using solid edge v19 software to construct the bike model.

These are few of the rough models I constructed and after analysis of these the steering mechanism of these dint prove good enough so again on working for 2 more months I came up with a solid working design which proved to be perfect from all the aspects that is the steering mechanism, suspension geometry, steering geometry, length of the handle bar, the position of shock absorbers and their angle of inclination.

This was the final model I came up with. Before getting on to actual shop floar work I took up all the technical aspects, the calculation part and few of the analysis part I considered during designing.

As it was a completely different vehicle which wasn’t at the market altogether I had to prepare each and every part on my own the chasse, tie rod, wheel hub, y fork, handle, side cover and many more except few of the things like engine and tire leaving these things all the other parts in the bike are hand made it took me 6 long months to get that on wheels. There were lots of hardships I had to go through during its making I will get all those things in a report of “making of the weald-dodger”.

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