Well qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers with knowledge of child psychology who have taken teaching not only as a profession, but also a passion. Teachers continuously apprised of latest developments in the field of pedagogy including modern teaching methodologies.

Teaching Faculty List

Sl.No. Name of the Staff Educational Qualification
1 Mr. Somashekharaiah H. M. (Principal) M.A (Political Sc,M.A (Hist), B.Ed, PGDE, PGDEAS
2 Mr. Manjappa K.E. M.A, B.Ed
3 Mr.Harsha S. M.A., B.Ed
4 Ms. Panchavarna K M.A
5 Mr. Vijeth M.F.A
6 Ms. Shwetha T H M.A., B.Ed
7 Ms. Vismitha T M M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed
8 Mr. Prashanth K.N M.A, B.Ed (English)
9 Mr. Sushena M.A, B.Ed (Kannada)
10 Mr. Sandeep Kumar B.A, B.PEd
11 Mr. Bharath Kalyan S.V. D.EC
12 Ms. Shwetha J B.Sc, B.Ed
13 Mrs. Shanthala K.S B.A, B.Ed (Hindi)
14 Ms. Manjula V M.Sc, M.Ed
15 Ms. Sudharani K S M.A, B.Ed
16 Ms. Shyamala K G M.A, B.Ed
17 Mr. Thippesh M.A, B.Ed
18 Mr. Sanjay Kumar B.Com, M.PEd
19 Mr. Venkatesh S. B.Sc, B.Ed
20 Ms. Sunitha Azmeen S. B.A (Hindi)
21 Ms. Swetha K. P. B.Sc, B.Ed
22 Ms. Shilpa M. B.Sc, B.Ed
23 Ms. Baby S. B.A, B.Ed
24 Mr. Vinay Kumar H.R. M.Sc, B.Ed
25 Mr. Naveen D. S. B.Sc, B.Ed
26 Mr. Vinay Kumar V. T. M.Sc, B.Ed
27 Ms. Bhuvaneshwari G. M.A, B.Ed
28 Ms. Bhargavi S. B.Sc, B.Ed
29 Ms. Ramya K. K. M.Sc, B.Ed
30 Ms. Kavitha U. K. M.A, B.Ed
31 Mr. Mohan Raj M. M.A, B.Ed
32 Ms. Spoorthi Ankalkoti M.Sc, B.Ed
33 Ms. Shantha Kumari N M.A, B.Ed
34 Ms. Sahana K S Diploma in Senior Music
35 Mr. Mohan Raj G M.A, D.Ed
36 Ms. Shrunga H.R. BAED