PES Institute of Technology and Management established in the year 2007 under the Prerana Educational and Social Trust ® at Shivamogga, Karnataka has created a niche for its existence. PESITM has established a dynamic research ecosystem where innovation, collaboration and excellence extend the boundaries of knowledge. Our research endeavours are listed below,

Establishment Year of Research Centre: Explore groundbreaking research that has been evolving since 2011. Today we have 9 research centres recognized by VTU to conduct doctoral research.

Government Funded Projects: Our researchers actively contribute to advancements with the support of 105.89 lakh funds for faculties and 2.425 lakh for students from esteemed government agencies like AICTE, VGST, VTU, KSCST and so on.

Research Scholars: Scholars from different institution/universities registered Ph. D programs in pursuing impactful research across various disciplines of Science, Engineering, and Management. Till date 33 Research Scholars registered for Ph. D Program and 6 Scholars are awarded at PESITM Research centre.

Patents: Faculties and students discover the intellectual contributions to innovation through a growing portfolio of published/granted patents. Till date there are 15 patents published and 1 patent is granted.

Published Books: Delve into the wealth of knowledge authored by our researchers, contributing to academic and practical realms. Till date there are 13 books published by our faculty members.

Book Chapters: Explore in-depth insights provided by our experts through their contributions to book chapters in diverse domains. Till date our esteemed faculties published 13 Book Chapters published with renowned publishers such as Elsevier, Royal Society of Chemistry, De Gruyter, Springer, IGI Global etc.

International Journals and Conferences: Engage with our global presence in leading journals and conferences, showcasing research on an international stage. There are more than 300 International Journals papers and 110 International Conferences papers published till date.

Awards for Research: One of our faculty received Award for Research Paper Publications from Vision Group of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka.

Our commitment to fostering a culture of research excellence underscores our dedication to shaping the future of academia and making meaningful contributions to society. Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation at PESITM.


We envision a supportive, dynamic and innovative research environment that pushes the boundaries of knowledge, fosters cutting-edge interdisciplinary collaborations, and contributes to the development of a globally competitive and ethically conscious workforce.


At PESITM our mission is to create state-of-art research facilities that support, integrate, lead dynamic and innovative research environment that propels us beyond the limits of current knowledge. In carrying out the mission we are dedicate to refining a transformative atmosphere that fosters cutting-edge interdisciplinary collaborations, driving forward the frontiers of research and education.


  • Establishing collaborative relationships among different departments and industries that advances research and innovation.
  • Proactively support the creation of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive research community.
  • Efforts made on innovative work through state-of-art infrastructure facilities led to advance intellectual and societal impact of fundamental and applied research.
  • Respond to technological advances through continuous and quick learning


PESITM aims to create excellent educational resources and environment through frontline researches. The following objectives are set to achieve the said objectives.

  • Development of advance laboratory for basics science, applied science and engineering science to conduct internationally high-level researches in each engineering field.
  • To execute MoUs with R&D organizations and Industries
  • To conduct latest cutting edge, innovative Research & Development.
  • To seek funding for R& D efforts from different funding agencies national and international.
  • To collaborate with the national and international researchers/ laboratories and jointly work together to publish technicalarticles that demand innovative technology.
  • To conduct specialized scientific training for professionals, Government personnel, young researchers etc.
  • To ensure effective monitoring and evaluation of the research carried out at the centre.
  • To provide Technology Development and Transfer via patenting & publishing book/ book chapters (National/International).
  • To initiate industry collaboration, interaction and Corporate Social Responsibility projects.