NPTEL has been offering self-study courses across engineering, humanities and science streams for more than a decade. To take this initiative forward and to encourage students in PESTIM, Shivamogga, we have started SWAYAM NPTEL Local Chapter since 7th January 2018 and engaged in a fruitful relationship with NPTEL in the college. This local chapter is led by a Dr. Sunitha B. S HOD, Data Science, PESITM, Shivamogga, faculty member of the College, who is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to NPTEL center at IIT Madras. NPTEL resources are loaded with total 518 video courses and 426 web courses and shared on Intranet on an Internal Server. PES Institute of Technology and Management – NPTEL Local Chapter College ID is 1498 as given by NPTEL.

Our college is recognized as an ACTIVE Local Chapter. Every year many students were motivated to register for NPTEL courses with the help of video lessons and web content to improve their employability and widen their knowledge base. The faculty members are also encouraged to do online courses to enhance their skills and improve teaching- learning process. NPTEL local chapter in the college is having a coordinator in each department. The coordinators regularly interact with the students and guide them to register to the courses. Every year the numbers of participants are increasing in this NPTEL Online Courses Certification (NOCs). The institute is extending financial aid to those faculties, who have successfully completed the NPTEL course. Also, these additional certifications are considered as one of the factor for their annual increments.

The details of faculty and students qualified from our local chapter from the year 2018 till date:-

#No. Semester Total No of Certificates
1. Jul-Oct 2023 77
2. Jan-Apr 2023 39
3. Jul-Oct 2022 66
4. Jan-Apr 2022 39
5. Jul-Dec 2021 49
6. Jan-Apr 2021 4
7. Jan-Dec 2020 11
8. Jul-Dec 2019 48
9. Jan-Apr 2019 62
10. Jul-Oct 2018 25
11. Jan-Apr 2018 9
#No. Roll Number Name Email Id Star Timeline Certificates
1 NPTELSS22203100583 ARPITHA K B arpitha2001.kb@gmail.com NPTEL_MOTIVATED_LEARNERS Jul-Dec 2022
2 NPTELSS22205101295 LAHARI T R PRASAD laharitrp2001@gmail.com NPTEL_DISCIPLINE_STARS Jul-Dec 2022
3 NPTELSS22205101497 SHREEPRADA H S shreeprada16@gmail.com NPTEL_DISCIPLINE_STARS Jul-Dec 2022
4 NPTELSS21904001675 AJAY M KUMAR ajaykumar1998ad@gmail.com NPTEL_ENTHUSIASTS Jul-Dec 2019
5 NPTELSS21904001750 HITESHKUMAR G BALEGAR gopinathhitesh@gmail.com NPTEL_ENTHUSIASTS Jul-Dec 2019
6 NPTELSS21904001816 NEHA SHANBHAG nehashanbhag98@gmail.com NPTEL_ENTHUSIASTS Jul-Dec 2019
7 NPTELSS21906000034 HITESHKUMAR G BALEGAR gopinathhitesh@gmail.com NPTEL_BELIEVERS Jul-Dec 2019
8 NPTELSS21906000105 PRADEEP U R pradeepur.ujjaini@gmail.com NPTEL_BELIEVERS Jul-Dec 2019
9 NPTELSS21906000124 AJAY M KUMAR ajaykumar1998ad@gmail.com NPTEL_BELIEVERS Jul-Dec 2019
10 NPTELSS21905000456 NEHA SHANBHAG nehashanbhag98@gmail.com NPTEL_DISCIPLINE_STARS Jul-Dec 2019
11 NPTELSS21905000528 AJAY M KUMAR ajaykumar1998ad@gmail.com NPTEL_DISCIPLINE_STARS Jul-Dec 2019
12 NPTELSS21905000604 HITESHKUMAR G BALEGAR gopinathhitesh@gmail.com NPTEL_DISCIPLINE_STARS Jul-Dec 2019