PES Institute of Technology and Management established in the year 2007 under the Prerana Educational and Social Trust ® at Shivamogga, Karnataka has created a niche for its existence. The prime motto of the institution is to promote quality education driven by competent research in the technical and management field. The institution has created a centre of excellence in the following domains:

  • Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology
  • Technology Incubation Center of Excellence in Image Processing
  • Center of Excellence in Data Science
The Centre of Excellence is equipped with higher-end server and research equipment’s/facilities for students and faculties to carry out the quality research.

PESITM-ADNANO Center for Nanotechnology Research

PESITM- Adnano Center for Nanotechnology was established in 2022 at the PESITM campus in collaboration with Adnano Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Shivamogga, with an aim of conducting Advanced Research in Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Advanced Material Technology. The Center has well- equipped equipment’s for synthesis and characterization supervised by experienced faculties under the leadership of Dr. Girisha L, Prof. and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, with an aim to contribute towards advancement of science and technology and make an effort to bridge the vast gap between industry-academia. The leading area of research includes nanomaterials, nanotechnology, nanocomposites, nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, and nano-coatings. In addition to research, the centre also conducts training and awareness programmes to students on recent trends and developments of Nanotechnology. The centre is undertaking research and development projects from various funding agencies and is offering consultancy services to research projects.


  • To establish a centre of excellence in nanotechnology for research, awareness and consultancy
  • To conduct multi-disciplinary research involving all engineering and science departments to cater the needs in developing novel materials and technologies for specific applications.
  • To establish in-house experimental infrastructure that could enable to map theory to practice for students.

Technology Incubation Center of Excellence in Image Processing

Technology incubation centres provide an opportunity for students to work on real-time projects. This technology centre will act like an extended lab of ResoluteAi AI-Lab to explore, experiment, develop and test new AI tools, technologies and integrations like Drones, Robotics, AR, VR, Metaverse and many more.


  • This technology Incubation centre aims to involve students in real-time projects, thus allowing them to work on real-life problem statements.
  • This centre will work as an extended lab of ResoluteAi for all kinds of technology exploration and experimentation.

Center of Excellence in Data Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is proud to announce the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Data Science, in collaboration with Haegl Technologies. This momentous step signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in the dynamic field of data science.
The Center of Excellence is set to become a pioneering hub for cutting-edge research, industry partnerships, and skill development in data science. Through our collaboration with Haegl Technologies, a leading industry player in the data and technology domain, we aim to leverage their expertise and real-world insights to drive impactful advancements. At the heart of this initiative lies a vision to foster collaboration among researchers, students, and industry experts. The center will serve as a platform for interdisciplinary discussions, encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences to tackle complex challenges and discover innovative solutions.
One of the primary objectives of the Center of Excellence is to nurture the next generation of data scientists. We believe in equipping our students with practical skills and hands-on experience, enabling them to apply data science principles effectively in diverse domains.


  • The Center of Excellence will focus on conducting pioneering research in data science, exploring new methodologies, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field. Our collaborative efforts with Haegl Technologies will bring together diverse expertise and resources to tackle complex data challenges.
  • We aim to forge strong ties with industry leaders, leveraging Haegl Technologies' experience and market insights. This collaboration will foster a seamless exchange of ideas, enabling us to address real-world problems and develop data-driven solutions that have practical applications.
  • The center will serve as a platform for nurturing talent and skill development in data science. Through workshops, training programs, and internships, we aim to equip the next generation of data scientists with the expertise and proficiency needed to thrive in this dynamic domain.
  • The center will organize seminars, conferences, and symposiums where experts from academia and industry can come together to exchange ideas, present research findings, and spark innovative discussions.
  • We believe in the transformative power of data science to address critical societal issues. The center will strive to utilize data analytics for the betterment of society, whether in healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, or other domains.
  • To support and nurture entrepreneurial ventures in data science by providing a conducive environment for ideation, prototyping, and mentorship. The center aims to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to turn data-driven ideas into successful startups.