To ensure every graduate is equipped with the necessary general/technical aptitude as well as the right attitude to match the skill set desired by Employers, CDC imparts well designed training every year. Experts from the Industry are provided pre-structured time slots within the academic curriculum to deliver Industry-specific training towards campus hiring. The Training is spread across the entire course duration starting right from the very first semester and ends just prior to the commencement of Campus Recruitments during the final year.

Periodic Employability Tests (EAT) are staged within every semester to analyse the improvement and track the performance of every student. Emphases are placed on average & below students and efforts are made to enhance their performance.

The institute has ‘Online Assessment Portal (OAP)’ through which every Graduate gets an opportunity to access exclusive Industry Specific Tests to assess their individual competency prior to every campus recruitment drive. Individual OAP access is provided to every student with login ids at the start of the course. Skill assessment Tests are administered to map their Skill Quotient at the initial stage. Once each student and the mentoring faculty have an awareness of the skill level, the road map for their improvement is indicated in their profiles on OAP. The concerned Faculty/HODs/Principal/TPO is provided with a dashboard to check on the performance status of each student across all the years of the course duration from start to finish.

The uniqueness of the Training imparted is the fact that the quality of the Training is assessed by a third party who conducts Pre & Post Training Tests that determine the skill level of the Trainees BEFORE & AFTER every Training Session. This method provides clarity in terms of articulating thecurriculum for the Training and also determines the efficiency of the Training Company.

First Semester:
Training on Study skills, Exam Skills, Entrepreneurship.

Second Semester:
Training on soft skills and communication skills.

Third Semester:
Training on Basic Aptitude.

Fourth Semester:
Training on Advanced Aptitude.

Fifth Semester:
Training on Basic Technical skills

Sixth Semester:
Training on Advanced Technical skills

Seventh Semester:
Company specific training

Eighth Semester:
Need Based training