Student Chapters

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC)

Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) are community-driven initiatives at colleges and universities where students interested in technology come together to learn, share, and grow their knowledge. Facilitated by Google Developers, these clubs are designed to help Students Bridge the gap between their academic studies and a professional career in technology.

About Google Developer Student Clubs:-

The primary objective of GDSCs is to provide students with the resources, opportunities, and experiences necessary to be more industry-ready. By introducing them to real-world problems, GDSCs empower students to apply the theoretical knowledge they've acquired in their classrooms.

Any university or college student who is passionate about development, design, and technology can join GDSC. Although it's supported by Google Developers, GDSC is platform-agnostic, meaning it welcomes students interested in various technologies and platforms.


  • Workshops & Training: GDSCs often organize hands-on workshops on various topics such as web development, mobile app development, machine learning, cloud, and more.
  • Hackathons & Competitions: These events challenge students to build solutions for real-world problems in a limited timeframe.
  • Community Building: Networking events, mentorship sessions, and community meetups are organized to foster a strong sense of community among members.
  • Solution Challenge: An annual challenge where teams of students develop solutions for local community problems using Google technologies.
  • Leadership Opportunities: LGDSCs are entirely student-led, giving members opportunities to develop leadership skills. Each club has a Core Team comprising roles like DSC Lead, Technical Leads, and Design & Outreach Teams. This structure not only helps in effective club management but also enables members to gain experience in leadership and teamwork.
  • Collaboration: These clubs collaborate with local industries, startups, and communities to bring real-world insights and opportunities to their members. This helps students gain practical experience and broadens their professional network.
IEEE Student Chapter

IEEE Student Chapter
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a globally renowned professional association dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. With its roots dating back to 1884, the IEEE has since grown to become the world's largest professional association in its field. One of the most vibrant segments of this global community is the IEEE Student Chapter, which plays a crucial role in fostering the next generation of professionals. are community-driven initiatives at colleges and universities where students interested in technology come together to learn, share, and grow their knowledge. Facilitated by Google Developers, these clubs are designed to help Students Bridge the gap between their academic studies and a professional career in technology.

About IEEE Student Chapter:-

The primary goal of the IEEE Student Chapter is to offer students a platform to enhance their academic and professional skills while still in school or university. It aims to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements.

Any student pursuing a university or college degree with an interest in electrical, electronics, computer science, or related domains can become a member of an IEEE Student Chapter. Membership offers a range of benefits, including access to resources, networking opportunities, and more.


  • Technical Workshops & Seminars: Experts from academia and industry are often invited to deliver lectures or hands-on training on emerging technologies.
  • Conferences: These are platforms for students to present their research, get feedback, and network with professionals.
  • Competitions: From robotics challenges to coding marathons, these competitions drive innovation among students.
  • Industrial Visits: To provide students with a glimpse of the real-world industrial environment.
  • Publication Opportunities:Encouraging students to write and publish papers in esteemed IEEE journals.
  • Leadership Development: Being part of the student chapter committee allows members to develop leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills. Students can take on roles such as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer and organize events, manage finances, and liaise with the parent IEEE body.
  • Networking: IEEE Student Chapters often collaborate with other chapters, professionals, and industries, providing students with opportunities to build a strong professional network.

About IETE
The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) founded in 1953 is one of the leading Professional Society in India. With the great vision of founder and subsequent forefathers and stalwarts who were leading light of the Institution IETE, have been devoting and contributing for the advancement of Science and Technology in the fields of Electronics, Communication Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology and other related subjects.

This wing is the ISF (IETE Students Forum). More than 550 live ISFs are functioning in India today with a student membership of more than 60,000.

Objectives of IETE Students’ Forum:-

  1. Improving standard of Engineering Education.
  2. Counseling the students in the emerging new opportunities.
  3. Encouraging and motivating the outside Class room studies /Workshops/ Projects/ Seminars
  4. To plan, organize Technical Programs, Special Lectures, Workshops, Seminars Symposia, exhibitions for the benefit of students.
  5. To provide common platform for students to exchange of ideas in technical topics of interest, e.g., curriculum, employment, higher educational opportunities, emerging trends, etc.
  6. To facilitate technical visits, project works, employment, contact with industries and academic institutions.
  7. Encourage team spirit and self-reliance among student members.
  8. ISFs should be a catalyst for the overall growth in technical and professional skills in young students.

PESITM - IETE Student Forum:-
IETE Students’ Forum is granted to the college in JANUARY, 2022. A total of 358 students from 2nd, 3rd year and 4th year ECE department and also 3rd, 4th year EEE department have volunteered to be the members of this forum. Head of the Institute formed the Student Management Committee comprising of 16 members and also nominated staff in-charges.

IETE Student Forum- ISF:-
Details of events (Guest lectures, Seminars, competitions) are mentioned in below table.


#No. Title of the Event Date Resource Person
1 Industrial Visit to ISRO Bangalore (6th Semester Students Only) 06-04-2023 NA
2 Student Development Program(SDP) on “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” 23-05-2023 to 27-05-2023 Mr. Madhusudhan A S, Senior Research Engineer, LG-Soft India, Bangalore.
Dr. Vishnu V M., Associate Professor, ECE Dept. PESITM Shivamogga.
Mr. Hanumanthappa Magalada, Assistant Professor, ECE Dept. PESITM Shivamogga.
3 One day Invited talk on “Circuits & Controls” 13-07-2023 Dr. Ramaligeshwara Prasad, Professor, ECE Dept, LBRCE, Andhra Pradesh.
4 One day Invited talk on “Applications of Control Systems” 14-07-2023 Dr. Ramaligeshwara Prasad, ECE Dept, LBRCE, Andhra Pradesh.


#No. Title of the Event Date Resource Person
1 One Day Invited Talk on “IOT and It’s APPLICATIONS” January-2022 Dr. Murali Former Vice President, IETE Bangalore

The Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) under Information Science& Engineering Department of PES Institute of Technology & Management , Shivamogga was inaugurated on 29-12-2023. Students pursuing their graduate and post graduate in Science, Engineering, Technology & Management can apply for IFERP student membership.IFERP encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas.

IFERP student Chapter is a scientific association of students with a minimum number of 100 students from a particular Institute/University. IFERP student chapter provides unique opportunities to learn and develop leadership skills, research development, networking, mentoring and bonding.

IIF Student Chapter

IIF Student Chapter, PESITM

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen, Shimoga Chapter

The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (IIF Shimoga Chapter) inaugurated the Student Chapter at PES Institute of Technology and Management, Shimoga on 3rd November, 2022. The details of the inauguration is presented below,

Total 57 student members, PES Institute of Technology and Management, Shimoga has established an IIF Student Chapter Shimoga on 31st October 2022 with a formal approval from IIF Centre, Kolkata. The main objective for establishing the Student Chapter at PESITM, Shimoga in the Department of Mechanical Engineering there by involving UG/Research Scholarsand faculty in IIF Student Chapter activities and awareness through conduction of technical seminars, workshops, conferences, project competitions and other technical & Cultural activities. Several activities that would help the students in fostering their core knowledge and at the same time nurture their leadership and managerial skills are being planned.